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Кутия Case Antec Full Tower Performance P380, Blackна ниска цена с бърза доставка

Кутия: Case Antec Full Tower Performance P380, Black

280.38  лв с ДДС

Case Antec Full Tower Performance P380, Black


When there is no room for compromise

When only the best can satisfy your needs, the P380 is the answer. Known for its minimalistic design, the Performance series focuses on delivering the perfect balance between performance and Quiet-Computing. Whether you’re designing your ultimate dream PC or, just creating a monster file server, the P380 should be the choice, without hesitation.


No tools, no problem. The P380’s tool-less design makes sure your install goes with ease. System builds should be straightforward and easy. Easy access for installs and upgrades are just the beginning. Add state-of-the-art liquid cooling to maximize your system.


Have your computer on the left or right. To the P380, it doesn’t matter. With a built-in convenient switchable I/O panel, the P380 allows you to choose where to place your computer, not the other way around.


Don’t get trapped in the world of inadequate features. We removed all 5.25 drive bays. Why? Simply because you don’t need them. Allowing the P380 to stand out with a full aluminum front and top bezel. Be the first to bold. The minimalistic design shows sophistication amongst your peers.


Eight total 3.5”/2.5” tool-less HDD bays lets you install new drives with ease, just pop them in tray and slide them back to the drive bays.


Silent enough for professional sound studios, robust enough for the most hardcore gamers, the P380 is designed to handle it all. With expansion slots for up to 4xGPUs, the P380 lacks in no department.

Excellent Air Cooling

Three 120mm or two 140mm front intake fan mounts quietly pushing vast amounts of air over your hard drives and video cards. Comes with two pre-installed 140mm FDB fans and can be replaced with three 120mm fans if you choose to. And if you want to maximize your cooling configuration, the top mounts are able to support water cooling radiators up to 360mm. The air is then exhausted by the pre-installed 120mm FDB rear exhaust fan, quietly dissipating heat.


Keeping your components dust free is key to a long lasting system. The P380 offers one front filter and another dedicated filter for your PSU. Both are easily removable making maintenance hassle-free

Model P380
UPC 0-761345-83800-9
Case Type: Full-Tower
8 Drive bays: 1 x Slim optical drive bay
8 x 3.5”/2.5” tool-less HDD bays
Motherboards: SSI CEB, E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, Mini-ITX
Expansion Slots: 9 x Expansion Slots
Maximum graphics card size: 465mm
Maximum CPU cooler height: 180mm
Cooling System: 3 x 120mm/2 x 140mm top exhaust fan mount(2 x 140mm FDB fan pre-installed)
3 x 120mm/2 x 140mm front intake fan mount
1 x 120 mm rear exhaust fan mount(1 x 120mm FDB fan pre-installed)
Liquid Cooling Solution: 1 x 360mm radiator / 1 x 240mm radiator at front
1 x 360mm radiator /1 x 240mm radiator on the top
Front I/O Ports: 2 x USB3.0; 2 x USB2.0; Audio In/Out
Unit Dimensions: 555mm(H) x 223.6mm(W) x 557mm(D)
21.85”(H) x 8.80”(W) x 21.92”(D)
Гаранция: 24 МЕСЕЦА

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